Universal Codes

In Glassfy you can now generate Universal Codes that will allow you to unlock permissions in a platform independent way.

  1. Create the codes in glassfy dashboard Products to create a block of codes.

The Product ID will be used in the SKU creation to reference the code
the Reference is your internal reference

  1. Now you can create a SKU referencing the codes created above and use it in Permissions.

When you save the SKU you will be asked to download the generated codes (and you can always go back to the SKU editing to download the codes again).

In your application you can use our OpenAPI to connect the code to a subscriber by using the following code

	"force" :false

Or from the SDK with the following code

do {
    try await Glassfy.connectGlassfy(universalCode: code, force: false)
    print("Connected \(code)")
} catch {
    print("Failed to connect universal code: \(error)")
[Glassfy connectGlassfyUniversalCode:universalCode
                          completion:^(NSError *error) { 
                          // Handle errors
Glassfy.connectGlassfyUniversalCode(universalCode, force) { error ->
    // Handle error
try {
    await Glassfy.connectGlassfyUniversalCode(universalCode, force);
    console.log(`Connected ${universalCode}`);
} catch (error) {
    console.log(`Error connecting universal code ${error}`);
try {
    await Glassfy.connectGlassfyUniversalCode({ universalCode: universalCode, force: true });
    console.log(`Connected ${universalCode}`);
} catch (error) {
    console.log(`Error connecting universal code ${error}`);
await Glassfy.connectGlassfyUniversalCode(universalCode, true);

customid is the customer identifier used to identify the customers see here for more info see here for more info

licensekey is the universal code to connect

force: if true and the code has already been connected, it will disconnect first and reconnect to this custom id


Please note to connect the universal code using the SDK the subscriber must have a customID please have look at Identify Subscriber

Use case 1 - send the codes by email and redeem using a deep link

Mail a group of users the coupon codes using a special link to open the app and redeem the code by composing a special URL.

Compose a path for your application using the following code yourapp://universal_code?code=the_code

when your app will be opened by the above url you can connect the glassfy universal code using the above code.

Use case 2: send codes by QR-Code and redeem using a deep link

Generate QR-CODES using the deep link as in Use case 1 and distribute the code using your favorite media: business cards, stickers, online.

By using the camera the user will open the app with the deep link and the redeem process is the same as the Use Case 1

Use case 3: redeem the code on the web

After logging in your user on your website you can simply redeem the code using the OpenAPI

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