Play Store Configuration

This guide shows you how to setup the Google Play Store and get the credentials Glassfy needs to receive notifications about Play Store subscription status and events.

  1. Open the Google Cloud Console and Create a new Google Cloud Project.
    Only service accounts from the project linked with the console will be able to access Google Play Developer API for purchase verification.
  2. Open the project and go to IAM and Admin page -> Service Accounts section.

Screenshot showing where to find the create service account link

  1. Add a Service account name and click the CREATE AND CONTINUE button.

Screenshot showing where to find the create and continue button

  1. In step 2, grant the Owner role and click DONE

Screenshot showing adding roles to a service account

Screenshot showing adding roles to a service account


The minimum required permissions are granted by roles Pub/Sub Admin and Service Account User.

  1. Copy the full email address listed in the table in the Email column, you'll need in the following step.
  2. On the new account click the three dots under Actions and click Manage Keys.

Screenshot showing where to manage keys

  1. From the ADD KEY dropdown, select Create new key.

Screenshot showing where to create a new key

  1. Choose JSON, click Create, and allow the file to download.

Screenshot showing how to download JSON export

  1. In the Cloud Platform search (top of the page), type "Google Play Android Developer API" and select it from the list.

Screenshot showing how to find Google Play Android Developer API

  1. Make sure the Google Play Android Developer API are enabled.

Screenshot showing how to enable the Google Play Android Developer API

  1. Return to the Users and Permissions section of the Google Play Console. Under users tab, click Invite new users
  2. Fill the Email Address with the value of step 6 and grant the following Account permissions:
  • View app information
  • Download bulk reports
  • View financial data, orders and cancellation survey responses
  • Manage orders and subscriptions
  • Manage store presence permissions

Click Invite User.

Screenshot showing inviting a user

  1. Return back to the Google Cloud Platform, ensure the correct project is selected, and enable the Cloud Pub/Sub API by following this link.

Screenshot showing enabling the Cloud Pub/Sub API

  1. Go to the Glassfy -> Settings -> Play Store and fill in the application Package Name and add the JSON file you downloaded in step 9.

Screenshot showing adding the downloaded JSON file to Glassfy

  1. Click the Generate Google Topic ID button.

Screenshot showing generating a topic ID

  1. Copy the Google Topic ID

Screenshot showing copying the topic ID

  1. Open the Google Play Developer Console and go to All apps -> your_app -> Monetization setup and paste the topic copied above.

Screenshot showing pasting the topic ID


Note that it can take up to 36 hours for the steps above to take effect.


  • Open Google Cloud Console -> Pub/Sub page -> Topics section. You should see in the table the topic ID of step 17, click the three dots under Actions and click View permissions. Make sure [email protected] is listed under Pub/Sub Publisher.