Play Store Configuration

You need to provide a series of credentials and setup few services to allow Glassfy to receive notification about Play Store subscription status and events.

Please follow this step by step instructions :

  • Open Google Play Developer account and go to Setup -> API access and create a new Google Cloud Project
  • Create a New Service Account
  • Select Google Cloud Platform
  • Create a new Service account and select it
  • Grant Owner role and click done
  • On the new account Click on Manage Keys -> Create New Key -> JSON and download it to your computer
  • Type Google Play Android Developer API and click on the same name in the list.
  • Go back to Google Play Developer account and click Grant permission

    Grant View app information, Download bulk reports, View financial data, orders, and cancellation survey responses, Manage orders and subscriptions and Manage store presence permissions and create the user.
  • Go back to Google Cloud Platform enable APIS at this link
  • Now on Google Cloud Platform search for pub/sub and create new Subsriptions Pub/Sub topic.
  • Copy the topic name and Subscription ID
  • Open Google Play Developer account and go to All apps -> your_app -> Monetization setup and paste the topic copied above.
  • Go to Setting page and paste the Subscription ID copied above, the application Package Name and the JSON file downloaded to your computer.


Please note it could take up to 36 for the changes to take effects.

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