Permissions object

The Permissions object gives access to the following information:

originalApplicationVersionThe original version of the application when first acquired on the store. (iOS only)
originalApplicationDateThe date when the application was installed from the store.
subscriberIdUnique identifier for the subscriber of the app. For more information read the subscriber documentation.
installationIdUnique identifier of the app installation. It changes if the user reinstalls the app.
allArray of Permission objects associated with this subscriber.

Permission object

The Permission object gives access to the following information:

permissionIdPermission identifier.
isValidtrue if the permission is from a valid in app purchase or subscription.
expireDateContains the expiry date if the permission is from a subscription.
accountableSkusArray of AccountableSku objects that unlocked this permission.
entitlementEntitlement object.

AccountableSku object

Information about the sku that determines the entitlement of the Permission that gives access to the following information:

isInTrialPeriodtrue if the sku is in trial period.
isInIntroOfferPeriodtrue if the sku is in an introductory offer period.
skuIdSku Identifier.
productIdProduct identifier.
storeThe store object of the sku.

Store object

The store to which the sku belongs that gives the following information:

1appStoreApple app store
2playStoreGoogle Play Store
3paddleStorePaddle Store

Entitlement object

The entitlement object gives access to the following entitlement status. In general any number greater or equal to 1 means a valid subscription.

-10PausedThe customer pause the subscription.
-9NeverBuyThe customer never bought this product.
-8OtherRefundThe customer received a refund for the subscription.
-7IssueRefundThe customer received a refund due to a perceived issue with the app.
-6UpgradedThe system cancelled the subscription because the customer upgraded.
-5ExpiredVoluntaryThe customer intentionally cancelled the subscription.
-4ProductNotAvailableThe product is no longer available.
-3FailToAcceptIncreaseThe customer did not accept the price increase.
-2ExpiredFromBillingThe receipt is fully expired due to a billing issue.
-1InRetryThe receipt is expired but the subscription is still in a billing-retry state. If a grace period is enabled this state excludes subscriptions in grace period.
0MissingInfoThe receipt is out of date or there is another purchase issue.
1ExpiredInGraceThe subscription expired but is in a grace period.
2OffPlatformThe subscription is an off-platform subscription.
3NonRenewingThe subscription is a non-renewing subscription.
4AutoRenewOffThe subscription is active and auto-renew is off.
5AutoRenewOnThe subscription is active and auto-renew is on.

Checking permission status

You can check the current status of the permission using the permissions method or after a purchase.