Stripe Store Configuration

Create a Stripe Restricted Secret Key on Stripe dashboard


To enable Stripe integration on your Glassfy account

please contact us here


API Key Permission

The ApiKey must have at least the following read permissions: PaymentIntents, Checkout Sessions, Credit notes, Subscriptions.

and paste on Glassfy Dashboard -> Settings -> Stripe

Create the hosted endpoint webhook on Stripe dashboard

Copy the URL from Glassfy Dashboard -> Settings -> Stripe -> Stripe Webhooks Hosted Endpoint URL and paste it in the Endpoint URL in this page

We recommend to enable to listen at all the events but if you want to restrict it we need to have at lest the following events customer.subscription.created, customer.subscription.deleted,customer.subscription.updated, customer.subscription.completed,customer.updated

Copy the signing secret form the generated webhook page and past it to Glassfy Dashboard -> Settings -> Stripe -> Stripe Webhook Signing Secret

Connect the custom identifier

In your Stripe Checkout session create please add the following metadata to include the custom identifier you want to connect.

metadata: {

Glassfy permissions of Stripe purchases

You can use the Glassfy.permissions() functionality to check for Stripe purchases: to enable it create a new SKU including the stripe product and add it to the selected permission.

Users on iOS or Android will be able to check for a stripe purchase directly from the SDK by using that permission