The New Users metric is a fundamental measurement used to evaluate the acquisition of new users for your digital platform or application. It specifically quantifies the number of individuals who have opened your app for the very first time during a defined time period. This metric is pivotal in assessing your app's ability to attract and engage a fresh audience.

The New Users metric holds significant implications:

User Acquisition: A higher count of new users suggests that your app is successful in attracting a fresh audience. It reflects the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and user acquisition strategies.

Growth Indicator: Consistently growing numbers of new users can indicate overall app growth. This metric is particularly valuable for startups and new apps looking to expand their user base.

Marketing Effectiveness: Analyzing trends in new user acquisition can help assess the success of various marketing channels and campaigns in driving app installations and adjust your marketing budget and strategies based on the performance of different channels.

By continuously monitoring and analyzing this metric, you can refine your user acquisition strategies and foster the growth and success of your digital platform or application.