Glassfy tracks and generates events for subscriptions and in app purchases and sends them to major analytics and optimization platforms or custom webhooks.
Glassfy monitors the subscriptions and sends all the relevant events even if the user does not open the app.

If you need to add any new Connector that you don't see in the docs, feel free to ask us and we can easily add any new connector.

Tracked Events

See the list of Glassfy tracked and generated events:

SubscriptionInitialBuy5001User start a subscription
SubscriptionRestarted5002A previously interrupted subscription restarted
SubscriptionRenewed5003Subscription automatically renew
SubscriptionExpired5004Subscription expired
SubscriptionDidChangeRenewalStatus5005User changed the autorenew status
IsInBillingRetryPeriod5006User is in billing retry
SubscriptionProductChange5007User upgrade or downgrade the subscription
InAppPurchase5008In App Purchase
SubscriptionRefund5009Subscription Refund
SubscriptionPaused 5010Subscription Paused
SubscriptionResumed 5011Subscription Resumed