SKUs, Offering and Permission


SKU connect an App Store, a Play Store or Paddle product to Glassfy. All references to the stores products will be done in Glassfy SDK using the SKU.
how to configure a SKU


An Offering is a list of SKUs that will be presented to the user for the purchase: for example weekly_subscripion, monthly_subscripion_and _annual_subscripion
The list can be used by the application to present to present the user a list of purchase options.
how to configure an Offering


A Permission contains a list ok SKUs : if the user purchase one of the SKUs in the list the permission is active. It will automatically work for both subscriptions and in app purchases.
The permission will simplify the checking for the status of a subscriber decoupling the functionality in the app to unlock from the purchased product.
how to configure a Permission