What is Glassfy?

Glassfy is the infrastructure that enables you to easily build, manage, and grow in-app subscriptions, so you can focus on your app. Congrats on making your life easier!

You can use our open-source SDK and our backend to:

  • Integrate in-app subscriptions in your app in minutes, saving weeks of development and time-consuming maintenance
  • Use our backend to validate receipts, verify permissions, and access subscriptions status without building your server
  • Remotely manage SKUs and permissions, without creating new builds
  • Monitor your subscriptions performance with basic and advanced real-time analytics–that you won't find on Apple AppStore Connect or Google Play Console
  • Get notified of any subscription events via webhooks
  • Send any purchases and subscription events to third-party analytic tools
  • Configure paywalls remotely
  • Create new paywalls with our no-code editor

Made In Europe 🇪🇺 With ❤️

Glassfy is a 100% European company, following the most advanced policies on privacy and security.

What’s Next