Paddle License Keys

1. Configure Paddle Webhook

2. Create a One Time Product on Paddle console

4. Create the SKU

Create the SKU using a Paddle Product ID and optionally add a custom duration to the license code: if you do so the license will be valid from the purchase date to the purchase date + duration.

5. Add the SKU to a Permission

Configure Permissions

6. Connect the license key with the user

Create a UI to allow the user to insert the received license key and call the following code to connect it.

Glassfy.connectPaddle(licenseKey: "license_key", force: false) { error in
    // handle error
[Glassfy connectPaddleLicenseKey:@"license_key" force:false completion:^ NSError *err) {
    // handle error
await Glassfy.connectPaddleLicenseKey("license_key", true);


You can disconnect the user calling the connectPaddle with nil


A license code can be connected only to 1 user. You will get an error if trying to reuse an existing license code connected to another user.
You can call connectPaddle with force == true to disconnect the other user and connect the calling one.

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