Play Store SKUs not returned to your application.

If the Play Store doesn't return one or more SKUs to your app, verify the following:

  1. You have accepted all contracts and privacy policy on Play Store: it may takes 24 ours for the changes to be effective
  2. At Google IO 2022 Google released billing library v5 that supports the creation of the multiple plans in the same subscription. While we are working on a new version of the Glassfy SDK (we currently support the v4 billing library) you should mark the product you want to use with Glassfy as Backwards compatible.
  3. The Android Package Name of your application must match the package name of your app in Play Store.
  4. Newly created products in Play Store need some time before becoming visible to the app (normally less then 24 hours).
  5. You must use a Play Store test account. Live Play Store accounts are not working.
  6. You have completed the Play Store Configuration
  7. You followed the Test your Google Play Billing Library google documentation

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