Play Store SKUs not returned to your application.

If the Play Store doesn't return one or more SKUs to your app, verify the following:

  1. You have accepted all contracts and privacy policy on Play Store. It may takes 24 hours for the changes to take effect.
  2. The Android Package Name of your application must match the package name of your app in Play Store.
  3. Newly created products in Play Store need some time before becoming visible to the app (normally less then 24 hours).
  4. You are testing on a device and not an emulator (emulator can work with proper play store installed but to simplify the testing we recommend to test on an actual device).
  5. You must use a Play Store test account. Live Play Store accounts are not working.
  6. You have completed the Play Store Configuration.
  7. You followed the Test your Google Play Billing Library google documentation.
  8. The closed track should be approved (not under review). If the closed track is not approved you can use an internal track that does not require approval and the skus will be available immediatelly.
  9. If in closed testing the app has to be in release. On Play store you see the status "Available to selected testers" and a green circle icon.
  10. The user must be logged in on the Device's Play Store with the test user (do not use a standard live user).
  11. Be sure the Play Store product is availble in the country of the tester you are using: for example if your test user is in Brasil the Product has to be available in Brazil.
  12. Please be sure the SKU reference a Play Store product and not an App Store or Paddle product.