App Store SKUs not returned to your application.

If the Apple App Store doesn't return one or more SKUs to your app, verify the following:

  1. Make sure you have accepted all applicable contracts and have provided tax and banking information in the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section of App Store Connect.
  2. You need your App Store products to be "Ready for review" or "Ready to submit". If they are "Missing Metadata", add the missing information, so that they can be "Ready for review" / "Ready to submit".
  3. The Bundle Identifier of your application (both release and debug) must match the bundle identifier of your app in App Store Connect.
  4. Newly created products in App Store Connect need some time before becoming visible to the app (normally 24 hours).
  5. You are not using a StoreKit configuration file and you are running it on a device and not on the simulator
  6. Be sure the App Store product is availble in the country of the tester you are using: for example if your test user is in Brasil the Product has to be available in Brazil
  7. Please be sure the SKU referece an App Store product and not a Play Store or Paddle product