Paddle Webhook Notification

The paddle webhook event notification allows processing of ALL events.

Follow the instructions to integrate the paddle webhook:

Paddle Webhook Public Key

App specific public key is required to verify Paddle Webhook notifications and alerts.
Paddle uses public/private key encryption to allow you to verify these requests.

Please go through the following steps to setup app-specific public key:

  • Open Paddle website, select your Seller Dashboard and navigate to Developer tools -> Public Key
  • Select all the content and copy the public key
  • Paste it into text editor and store it as paddle_key.p8
  • Load the paddle_key.p8 file in "Paddle p8 Key File" on the Glassfy dashboard Setting page
  • Retrieve from your Paddle account (Developer Tools -> Authentication) your Vendor ID(1) and ApiKey (2).

Paddle Webhook Configuration

  1. Copy the "Paddle Server Notification URL" from Setting page
  2. Open Paddle website, select your Seller Dashboard navigate to Developer tools -> Events and paste the url in "URL for receiving webhook alerts"
  1. Check ALL webhook.
  2. Click the “Save Changes” button to confirm your alerts.

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