Send subscriptions events to CleverTap .
Glassfy monitors the subscriptions and sends all the relevant events to CleverTap even if the user does not open the app.

  1. Copy the "SDK Key" and "passcode" from CleverTap , log in to the CleverTap dashboard and navigate to Settings > Project page.
  2. Open CleverTap connector setting in the Glassfy dashboard and paste the "SDK Key" and "passcode"
  3. If you are integrating the CleverTap SDK in your app you can following this instruction to connect the events data with the user.

Event format

Glassfy will send to CleverTap a record with the following format every time an event is generated

  "FBID": "34322423",
  "GPID": "",
  "evtData": {
    "Category": "Subscription",
    "Currency": "USD",
    "Price": 3.0822030100663436,
    "Product name": "26330"
  "evtName": "SubscriptionRenewed",
  "identity": "john",
  "objectId": "26338664a6584e5dbf6857408064b172",
  "ts": 1675420490,
  "type": "event"