Active Subcriptions

This metric shows the total number of active subscriptions currently active or in grace period. It doesn’t include free trials, as they have the permission to use the app but haven't paid yet, and it does not include paused subscriptions since they have not expired but are not generating revenue. A subscription is considered to be active if it is active at the end of the time period. For example, with Week granularity, a subscription is considered to be active in that week if it is still active at the end of the week.

This metric helps give a clear picture of how many active subscriptions you currently have, in real-time, but also have visibility on the recent trend. For example, the last 28-day period.

Active Subscriptions is a thermometer of your app’s success with users. Do they stick around? Do they grow? Do you have to worry? Are they declining?

It also shows your future financial success. Active Subscriptions are the ground for renewals and future revenue.