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Configure Products

1. Create a SKU

From the products page in Glassfy dashboard create a new SKU

Step 1

2. SKU informations

You’ll be asked to provide a SKU ID and a Product Id

  • SKU ID: The SKU Id is a unique alphanumeric ID that is used for accessing your product in Glassfy.
  • Product ID: The reference name used on App Store Connect. Please follow App Store instructions in order to create and configure a product.
  • Extra Vars: Extra vars parameters will be connected with the SKU and accessible from the SDK.

Step 2

We recomend to adopt a standard format in defining the Product ID such as:

<platform>_<app>_<feature_to_unlock>_<feature_variation>_<duration>_<usd_price>_ <introductury_offer_duration>_<usd_introductory_offer_price>



And use the same name schema for the SKU ID by omitting the platform:


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