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Quick Start

Quick start guide on creating an app and start using Glassfy

1. Create a new app in Glassfy

  1. On the Glassfy dashboard create a new app
  2. Create app-specific shared secret and App Store ID here

2. Configure SKUs

The SKU is the Glassfy unique identifier to link a product on the App Store.

  1. Create and configure your in-app-purchases and subscriptions in App Store Connect
  2. Once your products are created you should create SKUs in Glassfy

3. Configure Permissions

The permission allows to control what feature or content the user as access to. It references a list of SKUs and allows app developer to quickly check the if the user has appropriate access without having to check for all the products/SKUs in the application code. Each app can have multiple permissions that can unlock different contents.

  1. Create permissions in Glassfy dashboard

4. Configure Offerings

The offering allows to purchase SKUs dynamically without recompiling and resubmitting for review. It references a list of SKUs and allows user to change the choosen SKUs or add other of them. Each app can have multiple offerings which can have different contents.

  1. Create offerings in Glassfy dashboard

5. Install SDK

6. Configure SDK

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